Advice & Tips

How to achieve that look

Always follow your stylist's recommendations for home hair care products to achieve that look at home.


Hair is coloured using L'Oreal professional Majirel colours and is lowlighted with warm tones.

Use a large brush creating root lift with volumising spray or Mousse. Once dried add large Velcro rollers around top sections using the pli spray. Remove rollers, shaking head and running fingers through the hair, backcombing crown to achieve a fuller look.

Sleek and smooth

Using a medium brush, prepare to blow dry hair straight using Kerastase ciement thermique to protect the hair from heat of the dryer and straightening irons. Finish with Kerastase serum to achieve stunning sheen and gleam.

Achieve colour limiting allergens, using L'Oreal semi-permanent colour to enhance shine.


Spray L'Oreal Techni Art volume architect on damp hair, style by blasting hair in the desired direction to create shape. Finish with playball deviation paste to construct a funky look.

Colour achieve using L'Oreal Platinum Plus/Prelightener.

Handy hints

  • Do bring photos into the salon. Visual aids are very helpful
  • Do ask your stylist for advice
  • Always use thermal protector before using heat on your hair
  • Do use hair treatments weekly on your hair to maintain condition
  • Do ask your stylist about managing your hair yourself
  • Protect your hair from the elements
  • Do ask your stylists for rewards if you recommend a friend
  • Do ask your stylist about client evenings
  • Check the website regularly for promotions and offers
  • Every 6 months have your skin allergy test 48 hours before a colour service